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十一月 TnG eWallet 用户的福利 !

十一月 TnG eWallet 用户的福利 !

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本月使用 TnG eWallet 向本公司下单的用户,即可参与 TNG 的抽奖活动哦 !(须符合条规)

How to earn Rewards:
1.Tap on "Start" to activate The Goal Hunter! (Upon activation, you will be auto-enrolled in The Goal Hunter for the subsequent months).
2.Collect one (1) stamp when you spend min RM10 in-store or online.
3.Claim (1) Reward voucher of your choice with every two (2) stamps collected.

01 Nov - 30 Nov 2023

·Min spend of RM10 per transaction to collect one (1) stamp
·One (1) stamp only per eligible transaction
·No limit to number of stamps collected per day
·Maximum of five (5) Reward vouchers per user

Where to use:
·Make payment with Vin Gaming via TNG eWallet

14 Jun 2023