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Refund & Return Policy

1. All Items purchased on the Platform, whether in the form of QQ Card, Apple Gift Card, CD Key, Game Points, Prepaid Card, Item Code, App Points, are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

2. Vin Gaming shall not be responsible and will not assume liability for any losses and/or damages to the Buyer arising from wrong information and details, including payment information and/or card details, entered by the Buyer or wrong remittance by the Buyer in connection with the payment for purchase of an Item.

3. It may take up to ten (10) days or fifteen (15) days to process any refund of payment that has been validated and approved by Vin Gaming, whether it is in full or in part after deducting all payments that a buyer is required to make to Vin Gaming.

4. Buyer must make sure that the payment information and/or details are correct to make the refund procedure easier, as the default return method depends on buyer original payment method.