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Terms & Condition

1. VIN GAMING is the owner and operator of this website (the "Site"). The VIN GAMING Site at www.vingaming.com.my is subject to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms of Use"). The terms "we," "us," and "our" refer to VIN GAMING throughout the Site. BY USING THIS SITE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE read the terms of use, have understood them, and agree to be bound by them. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SITE IF YOU DO NOT AGREE.

2. VIN GAMING shall have the entire and absolute right to terminate, cancel, or withdraw the provision of the service to you in the event that you violate any of these Terms of Service. In the event of a breach by you, We reserves the right to seek any remedy or recourse, including but not limited to injunction, damages, and/or specific performance, to the extent permissible by law.

3. We make every effort to accurately describe our items on this site, but we cannot be held liable if the information is not current, accurate, or comprehensive.

4. When a Buyer successfully purchases a pre-order item or an item made available for purchase on the platform, it means that all of the information the Buyer provided was true and correct.

5. Any of the aforementioned terms and conditions may be changed by VIN GAMING without previous notice.

6. Our company does not allow any buyer to misuse another person's account/identity/intellectual property to place orders for goods or services on this website without permission from the owner.

7. If our company suspects that a buyer's payment or account has issues, we will ask the buyer to cooperate in verifying their identity. If the buyer refuses to cooperate, the payment will be refunded within ten days.

8. If a buyer has multiple user accounts or allows unauthorized access and use of their account, we will assume that their account behavior or use of the platform/services is dishonest, suspected of fraud, illegal, criminal, or involves false statements.

9. If you violate or we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have violated any of these terms of use, any applicable terms and conditions that Vin Gaming may provide from time to time, or engage in any behavior that we believe is detrimental to Vin Gaming's interests, we may take action against you.

10. If you submit false documents or information during registration or application to Vin Gaming or fail to provide any other information we may request from you for verification purposes, we may use the platform, services, or account for suspicious, fraudulent, illegal, harassing, defamatory, threatening, or abusive purposes without notifying you.

11. If our company discovers that a buyer's payment or account contains any fraudulent elements, we will impose a fine on the payment or account, ranging from sixty to ninety cents. After deducting the fine and the service payment payable to the third-party payment company, the remaining amount will be refunded (or confiscated if the case is severe), as a basis for our complaint handling, without notifying you.